Our Studio places great value on design, teamwork and meeting our client’s needs. We are experienced in providing master plans for retail and commercial Parks, residential projects, land reclamation and recreation projects. Urban design has become a growing area of work for us alongside the architectural services we provide for the construction of new buildings.  Most projects are in the UK and Ireland but master planning and urban design services are also provided in other European countries including Belgium, France, Germany and Italy.




Masterplanning and Urban Design


It is hard to exaggerate the importance of a good master plan. Development carries great financial risk, uncertainty and may fail to deliver what was intended. Regardless of cost, the community is left with the results, whether good or bad. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that proposed development follows a well considered plan. The master plan should represent the aspirations and values of those directly involved and have regard for all those affected.


The challenge is to resolve a long list of requirements from designing large buildings down to the smallest details of bus shelters and signage. The master plan must resolve more than ‘built form’, it must also facilitate movement, enjoyment of surroundings and the social interaction of users.


In urban planning the goal is to create better places that help people live their lives in comfort and safety. One half of the world’s population now live in an urban environment and the trend is unlikely to change. Creating successful Urban ‘Places’ is an essential requirement for making our growing towns and cities livable for current and future generations.






We respect buildings, we visit them, we study them, we design them, we build them and we use them. Thoughtful design solves problems by providing good solutions not following fashion or style which become meaningless decoration. It is never a straight line from problem to solution. The design of a building is often a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for an architect and this opportunity should not be wasted.






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